How cool is this? This is the ultimate “transformer” in one roll-around package. Once in a while, a new product crosses my desk that simply blows me away. This is one of those products. Listed under the “why didn’t I think of that?” category, The Top Shop, by D.C. Rod Design, is a multi-tasking all-in-one workstation that includes just about everything you need, all rolled up into one very cool package. Top Shop is an 1,800-pound workstation equipped with a 1,00-pound hydraulic lift, 12-16 volt battery, complete charging system, overhead lighting, 115VAC power outlets, on-board air system and a writing table. But wait…there’s more! Five removable work stations are also available for work-mounting an engine, transmission, third member, front and rear axles, work trays, a machinist’s vice, a tool chest, and even a cylinder head station.

Even though your mouth is probably watering at this point, there’s even more…an optional custom run-in and testing feature is also available, allowing you to fire an engine for break-in and testing. The run-in option includes an onboard coolant supply and pump, exhaust quick-disconnect, a fuel supply system and an instrument panel.

The rig is also equipped with 10-inch locking swivel wheels for easy mobility around the shop. This is one bad-boy toy that any tech would savor.

For more info, contact GL Enterprises at 801-334-7000.

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