Ross Racing Engines has announced their new Lacey & Morse transmission adapter system designed to directly mate a 350 or 400 turbo automatic transmission to 1949-64 303, 324, 371 and 394 CID Oldsmobile engines with no further modification. The adapter kit also fits early 1949-54 Cadillac applications.

Bellhousing adapters are CNC machined from aluminum billet. Flexplates are anodized aluminum with a steel ring gear. Ross offers both the adapter kits as well as complete bolt-in assemblies (transmission already fitted with the billet bellhousing adapter, converter, and flexplate). Features factory side motor mount provisions. Complete kits can be tailor-built per specific applications.

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    I don’t have any information on the transmission adapter. JC Whitney used to be a good source for those, but they’ve dropped most of that type of equipment from their listings. Have you considered the 4 speed hydromantic that was available with your 303? That trans has really low first and seconds gears, and will probably outperform the 4 speed, at least until you hit third gear. The hydromantic would also be period correct for your rod!

  • Don Harmon

    I am looking for a Chevrolet 700r adapter to a Oldmobile 1954 324 engine.

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  • Westsidex15

    Im looking for a adapter plate for my 1961 olds 394 motor i wanna go with ov tranny 700r4 ?

  • Judy Jackson

    Thanks for sharing this. Will let my dad check this out. -